All things change with time . . .

. . . including the world's "most cool" grandchildren!



Scott's the oldest and still the most serious.

As a high school freshman with "High Honors" all through middle school, his goal is an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.

Scott in 2005
Scott in 2006

Patrick's favorite thing is to go fishing with his father on their new boat (A 31" Black Fin).

Patrick is also a "High Honors" student.

Patrick in 2005
Patrick in 2006

Katlin enjoys going to the shooting range with her father. When I told her she's probably the best shot in her class she told me, "Grandpa, I'm the only shot in my class."

It was Katlin who got me to put up new pictures of our grandchildren -- she's been on my case for a year!

Katlin 2005
Katlin 2006
Katlin 2007

Mary is in kindergarden and is a happy, lively (and very talkative) Southern Belle.


Mary in 2005
Mary in 2006

This angelic faced kid, Philip IV, has but one goal -- he wants to grow up to be a Blue Power Ranger.


Philip in 2005
Philip in 2006