Some interesting or unusual signs that we've seen


Zolfo Springs Escapee Park, Zolfo Springs Florida
Westbound on US-90 entering Hondo, Texas
Roadside rest area in West Texas

Between Skagway, Alaska
Whitehorse, Yukon

US-212 in Montana,

about 20 miles from Wyoming border

Muskogee Turnpike in Oklahoma

In front of house on US-50 in Colorado

Sign reads:
"We haven't had any trespassers lately"

Near Marysville, California



The following series of signs are at approach to the main gate at Edwards Air Force Base



Adjacent to Yuma Proving Grounds
Adjacent to Yuma Proving Grounds
Where else but West Virginia

Grand Forks ND

It's 80 miles to Fargo, not 600 feet!

US-2 in Grand Rapids ND

Highway Construction site

on US-2 in Michigan

US-270 near

Hot Springs, Arkansas