Celebrating 50 years of entertainment history, Tops In Blue is proud to represent the United States Air Force as one of the oldest and most widely traveled entertainment groups of its kind. This world-renown production, Tops In Blue, is an all-active duty US Air Force special unit made up of talented amateur performers selected for their entertainment abilities. Each year, thousands compete in base talent contests and the most talented move on to higher levels of competition. The result is an elite group composed of 35 of the most talented vocalists, musicians, and dancers anywhere. Known as the Air Forces  Expeditionary Entertainers; the group s main mission is to perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world. The enormous popularity of the group has also made them America's goodwill ambassadors around the globe.

   Each team begins their tour with an intense 45 day training period at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, "Home of Tops In Blue". This training consists of a highly accelerated educational process to prepare them to succeed as world-class entertainers and distinguished Air Force Ambassadors during their nine month tour. The performers must not only master the instrumental, vocal, choreography, and staging requirements of the performance, but also the intricate responsibilities of being their own technical staff. The performing team under the guidance of five technical personnel is responsible for setting up over 36,000 pounds of staging, lighting, audio, and special effects equipment required for each performance. They must also become a complete self-contained operational unit with each member being responsible for logistical responsibilities such as ground transportation, airlift, lodging, dining, wardrobe, palletizing, etc. throughout the tour.

  Since its first world tour in '53, the group has also performed on film, produced albums, and appeared on national television with such legends as Ed Sullivan, Bob Hope, Alabama, Barbara Mandrell, BOYZ II MEN, and many others. They performed the entire halftime shows for the 1981 Garden State Bowl and Super Bowl XIX. They have performed for heads of state and dignitaries throughout the world. They have toured throughout Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, the Far East, Middle East, Central America, Canada, and all 50 of the United States. Countries such as Taiwan, Bulgaria, Iceland, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Vietnam, and Cuba have all experienced the extraordinary entertainment of Tops In Blue. Since 1996, their mission led them through hostile locations to build morale for our nation's joint military services supporting Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia-Herzegovina and contingency bases in Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Turkey. In 2002, Tops in Blue continued their expeditionary mission by being among the first entertainment groups to travel into the most forward location in Afghanistan, Uzebikstan, Pakistan, Qatar, and Kyrgyzstan. If the first fifty years are any indication of what is to come, the next fifty years will exceed all expectations as Tops In Blue continues to bring a touch of home, a touch of America, and above all, the pride of the Air Force to all their audiences.


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